FIDALGO UKE NETWORK JAMS are 1:15 Thursdays, bi-weekly, at Anacortes Senior Activity Center; & 3:30 Mondays, Anacortes Library or Kennelly Keys (CALENDAR has specifics: click on FUN Jams Mon & Thurs Schedule). 

 FUN’s next Thursday Jam is May 25, 1:15-2:45. For songlist, click “FUN JAM” above, then click jam date.  We start at 1:15 with easy 2, 3, & 4 chord songs; followed by  more challenging stuff.  Be there by 1:15 if you’d like some easier stuff!!

Other  CALENDAR “clickables”:  Mark & Jane (The Aussies) at STRUMBUGSTOCK,  July 1 & 2.                                                   Tunes In The Dunes VII, mid Sept;  2017 Port Townsend Uke Fest Concerts, Wheeler Theater, Sept 29 & 30;  Northwest Wa Uke Communities Jam Schedules;  Ukuleles At Sea early Aug;   Gail MacDonald’s Beginning Uke Class, August

Used Uke Needed?  Listings include some nice ukes from the Bellingham group, if you are ready to upgrade!  Plus some nice beginner ukes.   Click Here!

New Uke Hat Needed?  The Cogito Ergo Strum is now available!  Linda will bring ’em to FUN Jams next Monday, May 22 and Thursday, May 25.

Need a folding chair with back but no arms, so you can play uke outdoors this summer?  Dick’s Sporting Goods has some for $29.

 Email LInda at  zuke.uke@gmail.com for info on anything in this website.